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[BOOK REVIEW] Badger the Mystical Mutt

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Badger the Mystical Mutt set to be the Top Dog of children’s books

With Pet Idol in town the judges are not the only ones Badger and Hamish need to convince of their talents as Top Dog and his gang set chase on the enchanting duo. Dog-like tendencies inevitably take over such as the alluring smell of Badgers favourite higgledly-piggledly towers of toast that he is unable to resist…

This is a magical debut of a book, blessed with a fantastic writing style that has the potential to aid the reading ability of every young child it encounters.

By placing magic and Badger’s mystical spells at the heart of this story, McNicol and Jackson have cleverly employed short, rhyming verses that will aid any young reader’s understanding of literature, much like the successful Dr Seus books that I personally remember so fondly.

The authors correctly identify the modern day aspirations of its targeted generation and explore them beautifully, both the dreams ready to be fulfilled and the jealously that they will no doubt encounter along the way. The friendships built throughout this enchanting story of Badger and his friends will resonate with children of all ages as well as the inner-child within every adult.

This debut book from McNicol and Jackson has been so successful across school playgrounds that we could yet see Badger and co. brought to life in a TV animation and it is not hard to see why. They have put together the perfect school read or bed-time story. This book is a magical tale set to inspire children everywhere. Here’s to the next instalment of Badger the Mystical Mutt!

Publication date: Out now Format: Paperback Price: £5.99  Publisher: Lunicorn

About the authors

Lyn McNicol (co-author)

Lyn is a former publicist  for the BBC, working on programmes such as Balamory, Live & Kicking, Cbebies and CBBC.

Laura Cameron Jackson (co-author and illustrator)

Laura is an artist who has carried out work with the Kings Theatre in Glasgow, BBC Scotland and most recently, she has worked with severely disabled children and adults with Sense Scotland, Visibility and Artlink Central.



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