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Finishing School by Ariel Benjamin

Finishing School is the first of the series, telling the story of a disaffected GP who decides to leave London and return to her roots in Yorkshire. Can you really go back? If you do, what happens when the memories start to return to you?

Dr Lillian Richards is a practical woman not given to flights of fancy but when she arrives in Sheffield she finds the history she thought to be true starts to change, and with it – her sense of self.

It all begins when she finds the dead body of a school-friend hanging in his childhood home. Her search to understand why he would have done this leads her to question the events of her past… and their intrusion on her present. The Lady Templars are a secret society. Their group consists of thirteen women at any one time.

Each has committed an undiscovered murder. Thirteen women, thirteen stories. This first tale starts with the introduction of a new member to the group. She tells her story in the hope of admission. Membership of a group in which she can gain absolution. A group which will allow her to use her skills by way of penance for her sin, and if they don’t admit her, she is at risk from their knowledge of her act of murder. Finally, it is only when one member elects to leave that another can join.
How did the prospective member find these women?
She didn’t. They found her.

Publication date: out now Format: Kindle Price: £2.29 Publisher: Sontheil Press

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Hey, Library Girl!

Eighteen-year-old Bria Sandoval is on a quest.  Freshly graduated from high school and determined to find her independence and reclaim her passion for art, she signs up for a guided tour of Central America–and finds herself amidst middle-aged tourists who are nothing like her.  It isn’t long before she meets Rowan and Starling, siblings and hardcore backbackers.  Bria sees an opportunity and seizes it, ditching her tour group and heading off on an adventure through foreign countries.  While Bria struggles with her feelings for her art and for Rowan, she also discovers a love for travel–and for herself.

As with Hubbard’s debut Like Mandarin, Wanderlove took a few days after completion to really sink in.  Wanderlove is very different from Hubbard’s debut: whereas Like Mandarin‘s prose was thick and atmospheric, its tone highly emotional from the get-go, Wanderlove starts out with serviceable prose and a clear voice, but…

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